Paid Surveys FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Paid Surveys Online

1. Who is eligible to take Paid Online Surveys?

Basically anyone over 18. We are all consumers of goods and services, and it is important to corporations that commission paid surveys to capture the views of a representative cross section of the population. Also there are many surveys that are targeted at particular groups of people – for example parents with an opinion on baby food.

2. Are the paid online surveys only eligible to US residents?

No, we all live in a global market place. Large corporations are just as interested in the opinions of people living in, for example, the UK, as in the US. There are a few however which are targeted at the US.

3. What time do I need to set aside to complete paid surveys online?

Completing paid online surveys online is completely flexible. They typically take from 15-30 minutes, but some may be longer, and can be slotted into your current schedule – over lunch, in the evening, after College, after dropping off the children…

4. What are focus groups?

Focus groups are an increasingly popular way for companies to learn about people’s opinions and attitudes towards their products. A small group of people are brought together, either in person, on the telephone or online, to discuss any number of topics. A focus group can generate more information for a company that a survey can. They do take more time than a survey (30 minutes to several hours) but they do pay more.

5. What happens when I sign up for one of these services?

Once you subscribe to one of these services, you will gain access to the sites store of companies that issue paid surveys. Usually they then help you automatically enroll with these companies who will then send you the paid online surveys directly. You are notified via the survey website of new companies offering paid surveys online.

6. How long does it take to get paid?

Each company issuing paid online surveys has its own payment policy. Payment can come through monthly checks, or sometimes instantly through Paypal.

7. How do I get a Paypal account?

This is very easy, and only takes a few minutes. If you want to setup an account now simply use this link and follow the instructions provided.

8. How many paid surveys will I be eligible for daily?

There is no limit, complete them at your own pace.

9. Ok – so what is the catch?

There simply isn’t one. Remember your opinions are invaluable for marketing purposes and companies are willing to pay for it – it’s that simple!

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