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Global marketing is big business – every year companies spend billions of dollars on market research (e.g. paid surveys) and advertising. For this reason your opinions are extremely valuable, with companies willing to pay top dollar for your opinions on a wide range of goods and services by offering paid online surveys.  As more and more people gain access to the global economy through the internet, this opens up a highly effective channel to the customer from large companies, and at the same time creates a very lucrative opportunity for people to work from home, via internet paid surveys websites.

Whether you are male or female, employed or look after the family home, student, grandparent…..   there are paid surveys available for everyone – after all we are all consumers of one product or another. The only restriction that applies is that you usually to be over 18.

This paid surveys guide contains all you need to know in order to start earning cash and other rewards from paid online surveys and focus groups.

Market Research Companies

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From this point forward, when I talk about registering with a company, I am really referring to a market research company. Market research companies are specialists in conducting studies and paid surveys and are commissioned by large corporations to find out consumer opinions on their products and services.

The Process

Market research companies collect personal profile data from people like you and me and then try to match with the profile required for a particular paid online survey, for example women over 40 that use a particular dieting product. When a request is received for a study, and you match the profile, then you are invited to take the survey.

Very often when selecting people for a paid online survey, the first stage is a screening questionnaire which ensures you fit the bill. So please be honest with your profile, you will be found out and may be excluded from future invitations.

After registering with a market research company, and entering your profile data you will either be given a user name and password that you need to use on the paid survey website to check for invitations to take part in paid online surveys, or you will be emailed with invitations.


There are a number of ways in which your participation in paid surveys will be rewarded. Each market research company is slightly different, but typically offer a mixture of:

  • Cash, either by check or Paypal,
  • Entry into sweepstake for cash and other prizes,
  • Points which can be turned into cash or products and services,
  • Vouchers (e.g. Amazon and phone cards).

The website of the market research company will provide more details, and typically the exact reward is notified to you with the invitation to participate.

The reward value also varies and usually is based upon the duration and type of paid survey.  Focus groups pay more than paid online surveys, and the more time spent equals a greater reward.  Cash rewards for paid surveys range from about $5 up to as high as $99, and rewards for focus groups range from about $25 up to as much as $250. Sweepstake entries can go as high as $10,000!

What I would point out is that one market research company may invite you to participate in (from my experience) 1-10 paid online surveys per month.  So it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that if you want a large monthly paycheck, you need to register with lots of companies issuing paid surveys. I personally have registered with over 200 companies and receive more invitations than I have time to complete. I set aside about 3 hours per day between school runs, and cherry pick the ones with the biggest rewards.

So how big is my monthly paycheck going to be?

First of all let me start off by telling you that you are not going to become a millionaire overnight!  This opportunity represents steady, regular income that is influenced by:

  • How much time you are willing to set aside to complete paid online surveys and participate in focus groups,
  • How many market research companies you are registered with,
  • Your personal profile (paid surveys are directed at people who are likely to have an opinion about a product or service),
  • How lucky you are with sweepstakes.

There are people who have this as their main source of income and regularly get $thousand’s per month, and others that supplement their household income by spending a couple of hours week completing paid online surveys. Quite simply the choice is yours.

Lets do a quick calculation as a way of illustration:

If you register with 10 companies, and each on average sends you 5 invitations per month, for a modest $5 per paid survey. 10 x 5 x $5 = $250 per month.  If each paid online survey takes on average 10 mins to complete – that about 1 days work per month for $250.  Not too bad.

If on the other hand you register with 100 companies, and each on average sends you 5 invitations per month, for $5 per paid survey. 100 x 5 x $5 = $2500 per month.  In this case it would be about 3 hours / day throughout the month. $2500 for 3 hours a day….. I think you get the picture.

Where do I find these Market Research Companies?

Well there are two ways, you can either do some surfing to try and find them individually or you can subscribe to an Internet Paid Online Surveys Database. These services provide an extensive (many hundred’s) and current list of market research companies currently seeking active participation for paid surveys. The lists they maintain are updated with new market research companies as they come online.

Paid Surveys for All monitors Internet Paid Online Surveys Databases and compares the best of them side by side – basically, I’ve already done the research for you!

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