Paid Surveys Guide 2

Create a Question and Answer Sheet

As I started the registration process for paid surveys I found that (not surprisingly) the same questions came up time and time again. In fact I lost count of the number of times I asked my husband “so what’s our internet connection speed again?”. To save time, I eventually created a question sheet with answers to the popular questions that I could easily refer to. My advice to you is to create a similar question and answer sheet before you start registering for paid online surveys, that covers the following questions:

  • Household annual income
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit cards
  • Store cards
  • Operating system (e.g. Windows ME)
  • Internet connection speed (e.g. broadband or dial-up 56kbps)
  • Internet service provider
  • Time spent online per week
  • Search engines used

Setup a New Email Address for Paid Online Surveys

Most market research companies contact you via email. I would strongly advise you to setup a separate email address specifically to receive notification of paid surveys. This keeps it separate from your personal mail, but more importantly helps you become disciplined at checking for new paid online surveys because they won’t be mixed in with other stuff.


Decide in advance what time you are going to set aside, and produce a timetable for completing the registration process.  It can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to complete the registration process for 1 company.  So if you set aside 2 hours a day, I would expect that you could register with 60-80 paid surveys market research companies in a week.  Keep a detailed record of whom you have registered with so you don’t waste time repeating yourself.

Finally, don’t let yourself become distracted from registering with new market research companies as you start to receive paid surveys. You may not have yet found all the market research companies that are perfect for you, so keep going!

Prepare a Registration Log

Each market research company will work in a slightly different way. Some will create a user name and password for you; others will allow you to specify one. Some will issue your details during registration; others will email you with the details. In some cases you will need to reply to an email from the market research company before your account is activated and you start receiving paid online surveys.

My advice to you is that you need to keep a log of the process you follow, noting down pertinent information like user names and password, and most importantly how you will be notified of invitations to take part in paid online surveys.

Plan to Register with as Many Paid Survey Companies as Possible

If your aim is to generate a high return in cash and rewards then cast you net wide, before focusing in on those market research companies that suit you the best.

Use Roboform

You should checkout some software called Roboform. Its a great form filling tool which integrates into your browser and automates a lot of the form filling by auto completing most of the details you need to enter online – name, address ….. It even remembers all the user names and passwords that you end up creating! I can personally testify to how useful it is. Best of all its available for free download, directly from their website.

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