Paid Surveys Guide 3

Make a Timetable

And stick to it. As discussed in Page 2, market research companies work in different ways. Using the log created during the registration process you will be able to create a timetable for logging into your accounts to check for availability of paid surveys and paid online surveys, e.g. Monday check companies A, B & C, Tuesday check companies D, E & F etc.

Try to make sure you login at least once a week to those companies that don’t notify you by email about paid surveys to make sure you don’t miss out – remember all opportunities have an expiry date!

This also goes for email, market research companies tend to send out more invitations to take part in paid online surveys than they actually need. This is because they expect a certain percentage of invitees not to respond. When the company has received enough responses then the paid survey will close and they won’t accept any more. So check your email regularly.

Get the Balance Right

As paid online surveys and invitations to focus groups arrive, you will begin to have the luxury of choosing those companies that best suit your individual circumstances.  For example you may prefer the reward schemes that offer more sweepstake opportunities, or perhaps those that offer regular, consistent cash rewards.

Over time select the set of companies that enable you to balance your personal time with time spent on paid surveys and focus groups, whilst maintaining a healthy cash flow.

Have Fun

You are providing a very valuable service that will shape products and services in the future. You should be proud of what you are doing whilst having some fun at the same time!

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