Toluna Review

Toluna operates in many countries including the US. Toluna is a fun community where you can  meet like minded people, or start a lively debate with others. Toluna values your opinion and you will earn points at toluna wich can be redeemed for gift cards, prizes, and cash. Surveys at Toluna pay between 15 and 20,000 Points. Their are some other ways to earn points at Toluna, you will get a 500 Welcome bonus when you join and you can earn 100 point for each personal profile you complete, sponsored polls also known as quick votes earn 15 points. Refer a friend for another 500 points. Toluna also does product testing where random members are selected to try a product which is sent to your home and you get to keep the test product, but you need to go back to toluna to write about the product you tested. You can also use some of your points to send gifties to your friends. Gifties are  virtual gifts which sometimes can become real!

Rewards: Paypal, Gift Cards, iTunes

Minimum Payout: 30,000 Points = $10

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