The ‘What I Say and Do’ panel is made up of thousands of people across Great Britain. Members of the panel tell us how they interact with certain products and services e.g. their mobile phones and how they use them. The questionnaires will ask you about a range of topics varying from Mobile phones, Internet service providers, Game downloads and many more. This information is used by manufacturers and shops to help develop and improve existing and new products and services they offer.

In return for taking part in the ‘What I Say and Do’ panel, members are entered into a monthly prize draw worth over £16,350.

Early Bird prize draw:
10 winners of £50 worth of vouchers
20 winners of £20 worth of vouchers
50 winners of £10 worth of vouchers

Monthly prize draw:
5 winners of £100 worth of vouchers
5500 winners of £2 worth of vouchers

Quarterly prize draw:
20 winners of £50 worth of vouchers
To qualify for the Early Bird WISAD Prize Draw you will need to complete your questionnaire within the specified time (usually within the first week).

Although you dont get paid per survey like most other survey sites, you have a really good chance of at least winning £2 worth of vouchers each month as they give away 5500 £2 vouchers each and every month!

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  1. Jan Hamilton says:

    I have been trying to log into the survey site but cannot access it and have not had any surverys for a few months. previous emails have not been answered and i have no idea what is going on. i have been a member for some years and had no problems before

    thank you
    Jan xH

  2. andrew richardson says:

    has Wisad finished,can you please confirm.
    I am/was a member and I get no feedback from you.

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